testimonials let your customers speak for you

Testimonials provide a more succinct "snapshot" of some of your brand's more specific strengths and/or success stories. 

Much like case studies, testimonials are endorsements from a third party that are equal parts review and social proof. That means they provide greater credibility and inspire more trust from customers than messages that come directly from you.

We can assist you in collecting written and/or video testimonials from satisfied customers and leveraging them in your marketing. 

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testimonials are the foundation of content marketing

With an effectiveness rating of 89%, customer testimonials are the most effective type of content marketing.

Testimonials can be strategically integrated into your content to provide touch points throughout the sales cycle.

They can reach prospects from a number of platforms.  Examples:

  • Blog content
  • Individual testimonials on social media including Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram
  • Downloadable educational resources such as guides, checklists and e-books
  • Facebook page feed
  • Facebook ads
  • Video testimonials 

Testimonials can help close the sale. Examples:

  • Webinar content
  • Presentation, meeting or lunch-and-learn
  • Sales follow up materials

Testimonials can also be used to delight customers. Examples:

  • Showcased in environmental branding such as video feed, displays, artifacts
  • Built into a case study to educate prospects
  • Weekly customer feature in social media feed

testimonials can be quick and easy

As a third party researcher with extensive interview experience, I can collect honest, uninhibited feedback from customers in an efficient, convenient manner.

Guided by a proven framework of prompts to maximize our brief conversation, I speak with prescreened clients to capture positive feedback about their experience working with you.

testimonials can inform branding and positioning

We find testimonials to be a very effective market research tool because they help us learn about how customers perceive you in the marketplace.

In this scenario, we summarize the findings into a format that informs positioning.

In all cases we provide you a curated collection of comments that can be incorporated into your website and marketing materials, and even serve as the basis of a case study, newsletter feature and many other content marketing possibilities.


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