I elevate your brand to the next level VIA A definitive road map.

I crystallize your vision by distilling complex data and findings into an actionable, targeted strategy that leverages your CORE brand strength with market opportunities identified in the research phase to:  

  • Prioritize designated goals and solve problems
  • Support your corporate mission and tell the right story
  • Provide direction to move your business forward, seize emerging trends and opportunities and break into new markets
  • Fend off competition and address potential threats
  • Refine and/or reposition for competitive advantage and sustained growth
  • Identify profitable targets/customers/segments

I develop your roadmap with TOOLS such as:

  • Ideation and creative inspiration
  • Brand landscape, definition, strategy and positioning 
  • Market segmentation, positioning maps, customer analytics
  • Communications/marketing/launch plan
  • New concept/product development
  • Marketing mix strategy
  • Partnership search and evaluation

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