case studies are A Powerful marketing tool.

Case studies, sometimes referred to as customer success stories, give context to your product or service by showing how you helped a client solve a problem and achieve a metric of success. 

Hearing details about how a peer successfully solved a similar challenge can help a prospect gain confidence and make a decision to move ahead. (When was the last time you purchased an item without reading customer reviews?)

    Case studies attract attention and resonate with customers who have similar pain points. Because they hone in on a specific situation, they help customers visualize your firm solving a comparable problem successfully.

    Case studies educate and inform. Using an easy-to-grasp storytelling approach, case studies share real-life details about the customer experience, including challenges encountered, how your firm overcame them and successful outcome/s enjoyed. They include data and visuals -- photos, charts, graphs or other images -- that illustrate the process and quantify results.

    Case studies build trust. Because they speak primarily from the customer's point of view, rather than in the company's voice, they are more credible.

    Case studies motivate. Showing specific, measurable results is powerful. Additionally, the law of social proof says people tend to act in accordance with those who have gone ahead of them, making them persuasive.

    Properly done, case studies combine all the best elements of social proof:

    • A customer a prospect can empathize with
    • Quotes, testimonials, data and images that substantiate your claims
    • A story arc with a clear, easy-to-follow narrative 

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    case study content can be leveraged across multiple platforms.

    Developing well-crafted case studies is an investment in a savvy content strategy. When adapted into various formats and vehicles, case studies can build greater awareness to reach and influence decision-makers.

    When bundled together in a series, they can highlight broad capabilities and showcase a wide range of situations across varied industries.

    Opportunities include:

    • Infographics
    • Website
    • Company blog
    • Newsletter
    • LinkedIn, SlideShare and other social media
    • Sales information piece
    • Slides that can be inserted into customer presentations
    • Award submission
    • Video platforms
    • Trade show booth display


    I use a journalistic approach to storytelling, an inspired eye toward design, and a marketer's approach to informed messaging and branding.

    I have created dozens of case studies, with a particular focus on solutions for the built environment. I utilize interview skills honed from speaking to all levels of professionals across a multitude of industries. I structure the case study into an easily digested linear narrative that is compelling, newsworthy, educational and informative.

    we talk print and video.

    Seeing is believing. Showing surpasses telling.

    Using video in tandem with print can double the impact and investment of case study content. By showcasing real-life users in the context of their own environment, video demonstrates the real-world benefits of working with you.

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